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Karma Cây Tre Resort Vietnam

Enter the world of Karma Cây Tre Resort Vietnam, and its paradise villas set amidst the spectacular historical city of Hoi An.


Hoi An is an architectural wonder, with the façades of the buildings showing off French, Japanse and Chinse influences. The city looks like a picturesque scene of a postcard, filled with the charm of a time long since past. The mixture of cultures and traditions give it a unique sense of beauty. The luxurious Karma Cây Tre Resort Vietnam fully embodies the spirit of the town and its stimulating appeal.

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The serenity villas of the Karma Resort are a home away from home with a lavish twist. Providing you with a mix of the familiar and the exotic, just like Hoi An. On the property, you will enjoy the fresh air,  green lawns and the proximity of the Do River.

Waking up in this emerald green nirvana will rejuvenate your soul and get you invigorated to explore the marvels of the Vietnamese civilization.

The tropical forest stretches around the villas and the resort’s pool area. Perfect for relaxation and sipping cocktails, you can enjoy the warm water in the swimming pool while you rest your eyes and your mind on the natural flora. The Karma resort is here to provide you with the ultimate traveling experience and assist you in making unforgettable memories of this extraordinary place.



Choosing Karma Cây Tre Hoi An Vietnam as the perfect place to start your adventure

Karma Cây Tre Hoi An Vietnam can become your new vacation home. The Fractional Ownership option is ideal for everyone who wishes to become a part owner of a small slice of paradise and all the perks that come with it.

You will be purchasing a share of ownership rights and at the same time becoming part of an enclave associated with luxury and prestige. If you enjoy Asian tradition, you should consider Karma Cây Tre in Hoi An.

Timesharing is a smart investment concept that can save you money, depending on the module you choose. The fantastic part of this deal is that you will be getting all the benefits an owner usually gets. The difference lies in the exotic location, and the amenities Karma Group can offer you along with the beautiful property sites and high-value assets.

Fractional Ownership is a form of a business venture that will relieve you of the nuisance to find and book a resort every time you want to come to Vietnam .

Instead, you will have your time and place predetermined, and all you will have to do is enjoy your holiday in a spectacular villa. The setting is elegant, functional and immersed in the scenery. The facilities are modern and of top-notch quality.



All the advantages Karma Hoi An Vietnam accommodation has to offer to you.

The Karma Hoi An Vietnam accommodation is superb, from the location of the resort to the spaciousness and intimacy of the villas. There are 22 stylish and classy rooms decorated to capture the Vietnamese spirit infused with sophistication and tasteful furnishing. You will find a large queen bed covered with high-thread count sheets that are soft and welcoming. An en suite bathroom and balcony overlook the utopia right outside your villa.

  • Suite River View – overlooking the Do River as it quietly passes amidst the gorgeous gardens, filling your soul with tranquility and ease.
  • Deluxe Pool View – where you will have the perfect view of the trendy decorated pool area, surrounded by tropical palm trees.
  • Superior Garden View – utterly immersive with nature, will give you the sensation of waking up in a wondrous green forest.

“Indeed one must have done some good karma to visit this place on the outskirts of Hoi An. Serene and peaceful atmosphere not only relaxes your mind but also fuels your positivity. Good spacious, airy rooms and gardens equipped with hammocks to relax makes this place an ideal getaway. The river flowing through this resort is a treat to the senses just sitting and watching the movement, very therapeutic.” Sagareeka from Mumbai, India, on TripAdvisor



The Karma Vietnam experience will convince you to visit Hoi An every year.

In Karma Vietnam, you will find the ultimate home for a refined vacation. While visiting Hai An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and relishing in the culture, art and philosophy of the Vietnamese people, you will have a luxurious villa to stay in and rest. We can even offer you a family cooking class on traditional Vietnamese food, a menu that includes a variety of Banh rice cakes to spring rolls.

The city features excellent restaurant choices, and Banana Restaurant is one of them, as part of the Karma Cây Tre Resort Vietnam. The fare prepared by our chefs ranges from classical Asian dishes to Europian cuisine. The ambient is warm and friendly, decorated according to Vietnamese folklore. Once you have experienced this resort, timesharing will become the most reasonable option for future vacations.

“This was our first visit to a Karma resort. We were guests of Carmen’s brother Lloyd and stayed for a week. We wished it had been longer. We were so impressed with the Karma group that we signed up and joined ourselves for ten years. This resort had everything from amazing staff, location, restaurant and food and service, pool area and swim up bar. Plus they organized some great evenings along with some reasonably priced day trips. Can’t wait to get back, which will be next year.”  peteraP57GY from Perth, Australia, on TripAdvisor



Make this your vacation home and get ready to feel pampered.

Karma Cây Tre Resort Vietnam has all the features one could wish for in a luxury resort set in the exotic and traditional Hai An. The town is rich in culture, and adventures are never far away, and the villas provide the perfect getaway for couples and families. We made this combination for the pleasure of our guests, to provide you with comfort and luxury while you create delightful memories.

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